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Enhance Your Comfort And Productivity At The Computer

We are the Ergo Experts! Our products help you feel more comfortable and get more work done at the computer. Customize your workstation with ergonomic furniture and accessories tailored to your specific size and use patterns to enjoy improved productivity and comfort at home or the office. You'll also be reducing your risk of work-related injuries and helping to prevent the development of computer-related health conditions.

To make the biggest impact on your comfort we recommend starting with a height adjustable desk and/or an articulating keyboard tray system and monitor arm. Being able to fully adjust the positioning of your workstation provides a huge benefit to your overall well-being in front of the computer. With a proper ergonomic work space set-up you'll be able to work without discomfort whether you're sitting or standing up, and alternating between the two positions is what's recommended as the best practice.

The SmartMat anti-fatigue mat provides the means to avoid standing fatigue, and easily moves out of the way when switching from standing to sitting with a foot-activated release, you won't have to bend down to move the SmartMat out of the way of your chair.

Utilize an ergonomic chair to ensure optimal comfort and physical well-being when in the seated position.

See the recommendations below for setting up and using a proper ergonomic work station.

Recommended Sitting Height Settings

Adjustable Height Workstation Guidelines

The human body is not designed to remain in the same position for hours at a time. Adjustable height workstations address this need to move and allow the user to change position frequently throughout the day. They are the foundation for any ergonomically equipped workspace and can be the single most effective means of achieving flexibility, maximizing comfort and increasing productivity in any office environment. Ergo Experts’ product offering features a wide selection of industry options and the flexibility to mix and match features to build the perfect workstation for virtually any application or budget.

The following details should be taken into consideration when selecting the right workstation for any application.

Standing Ergonomic Guidelines

Sitting Ergonomic Guidelines

Additional Chair Guidelines: