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ESI Ergonomics

ESI AA100 Short Track Keyboard Tray System

ESI AA100 Short Track Keyboard Tray System

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The ESI Short Track Lift & Lock Keyboard Tray System includes an articulating arm with a 12.75" track, a keyboard platform, removable leatherette-covered gel palm rest(s), non-slip pads, mouse pads, mouse guards and cord management clips. The ESI Lift & Lock Arm adjusts the height of the platform from 2.375" above to 3.625" below the mounting track.

The platform fully retracts under the work surface on its 12.75" track, making this the perfect system for height adjustable workstations with a crossbar on the underside of the work surface, as well as for the shallow work surfaces of benching systems. All you need is 13" of depth from the front edge of your work surface back towards the crossbar or back edge of the work surface.

The 27" wide x 10.5" deep rectangular platform with a notched cutout accommodates both a keyboard and a mouse on the same level, and allows for left or right-handed mousing.


  • 6.00" height adjustment ( 2.375" above to 3.625" below track).
  • +10° / -20° tilt adjustment and 360° rotation.
  • Platform fully retracts under desk on 12.75" glide track.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions has been providing superior ergonomic accessories at affordable prices since 1988. Their focus is improving efficiency by adding comfort, flexibility and mobility to the computer workstation, catering to the office, healthcare, and educational environments.

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