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Workrite Sierra Offset Corner Left 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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NOTE: 2 Leg Offset Corner top will install on an angle to the base to provide necessary support (see diagram at left)

The Workrite Offset Corner Left 2-Leg Sierra is available with six different worksurface sizes. If you require a size that is not offered in this 2-Leg version, please see the 3-Leg version of this sit-stand desk.

The Workrite Sierra features high quality European engineering and design, and is the foundation for the most innovative adjustable height workcenter for today’s professional workplace.

The height adjustment range of the HX is 22” to 48” which will fit 95% of all users and meets BIFMA G1-2013 height adjustability requirements

The range of the HXL is 25.5” to 43” which will accommodate the average male or
female worker, whether seated or standing. This means it may not properly fit those who are very short or very tall. For example, the HXL is only recommended for those who are under 6’ tall.

With both models the 2-leg workcenters have a 225 lb. lifting capacity and the 3-leg workcenters have a 300 lb. lifting capacity. • 5 year warranty on all components

Both models also feature a hidden crossbar for greater knee clearance and under-desk storage, and they both adjust at a rate of 1.6” per second.

Sit-to-Stand Workcenters

Standing Work Surface Height

  • 45.57” for 95th percentile male
  • 36.65” for 5th percentile female

Seated Work Surface Height

  • 28.51” for 95th percentile male
  • 22.15” for 5th percentile female

See the full range of Sierra Workcenter Accessories here including
Tool Bars and Privacy Panels.

Frame Finish Color:

Standard Switch moves worksurface up or down.
Programmable Switch moves worksurface up or down and has 5 preset heights capability.

See the full range of Sierra Workcenter Accessories here including Tool Bars and Privacy Panels.

Make standing even more comfortable and avoid possible standing
fatigue with a Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

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