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Workrite Sierra HXL Crank Height Adjustable Desk

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    Available in 4 different worksurface shapes and 35 total sizes!

    The newly upgraded WorkRite Sierra HXL™ Crank Height Adjustable Workcenter combines elegant styling with an improved height range and higher load capacity. Now available with an additional 5.5” of height adjustment, the Sierra HXL Crank is engineered to enable manual adjustability requiring minimal amounts of human force, making it a good alternative for areas where frequent adjustments are not required, or where the use of electricity is not desired or possible.

    The Sierra HXL Crank features a hidden crossbar frame that mounts directly to the worksurface, providing excellent stability and plenty of below desk space. With 4 shapes and 35 sizes to offer, the HXL Crank opens up a world of possibilities.

    The HXL Crank adjusts from 25.5"–43” and will accommodate the average male or female worker, great for companies seeking limited height adjustability. It adjusts at a rate of 5.6 turns per inch even with up to 125 pounds of equipment on the worksurface.

    For full 5th – 95th percentile worker sit to stand adjustability, add a Workrite Keyboard Tray with Pinnacle 2 AD Above Desk Arm and a Workrite Monitor Arm to any HXL crank workcenter we offer.

    See the full range of Sierra Workcenter Accessories includingTool Bars and Privacy Panels.


    • Hidden crossbar for greater knee clearance and under-desk storage.
    • Adjusts 25.5"- 43" at 5.6 turns per inch.
    • 125 lbs. load capacity (in addition to worksurface).
    • Limited lifetime warranty; 5 year warranty on the crank mechanism.
    • Add a Workrite CPU Holder for added convenience.
    • Available in Silver frame

    Worksurfaces Available:

    Foot Sets: Flat Foot Set included in price, optional Styled Foot Set available.

    Create a distinct look in your office with our broad selection of laminates.

    We offer 3 tiers of popular Wilsonart high pressure decorative laminates (Tier 1 laminates are included in price shown, Tier 2 & 3 laminates available for additional charge) and coordinated 3 mm edgeband. The core is constructed from 1.125" thick, 45 lb density industrial grade particleboard and is backed with high quality phenolic to ensure balanced panel construction and prevent warping over the life of the product.

    Tier 1 Laminates: (hover over image for name, click to enlarge)

     Designer White  Fashion Grey  Black  Titanium EV  Silicon EV

     Misted Zephyr  Morro Zephyr  Shadow Zephyr  Classic Linen  White Nebula

     Nickel EV  Tungsten EV  Canyon Zephyr

    Tier 2 Laminates: (hover over image for name, click to enlarge)

     Manitoba Maple  Kensington Maple  Monticello Maple  Beigewood  River Cherry

     Wild Cherry  Windsor Mahogany  Figured Mahogany

    Tier 3 Laminates: (hover over image for name, click to enlarge)

     Veranda Teak  Studio Teak  Skyline Walnut  Black Woodgrain

    Edgebands: (hover over image, click to enlarge)

     Designer White  Black  Folkstone  Shaker Gray  Pepperdust

     Brownstone  Jute  Anchor Gray  Kodiak Brown  French Roast

     Rainier Cherry  Beigewood  Candlelight Maple  River Cherry  Graphite

     Sugar Maple  Windsor Mahogany  Manitoba Maple  White Nebula  Classic Linen

     Figured Mahogany  Studio Teak  Veranda Teak

    Avoid standing discomfort! Use the SmartMat Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat and seamlessly switch from standing to sitting by activating the foot control and sliding it out of the way without bending down and picking up the mat.

    See the full range of Sierra Workcenter Accessories including Tool Bars and Privacy Panels.

    Environmental Considerations:

    • LEED credit eligibility
    • Material & Resources Credit 4.1–4.2 (1-2 points)
    • LEED Base Only: 28-29%
    • LEED with laminate: 32-38%
    • Innovation in Design Credit 1.1-1.4 (1-4 points)
    • VOC free powdercoat

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