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VuRyte VUR79GR Document Holder for Monitor Arms

VuRyte VUR79GR Document Holder for Monitor Arms

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The VUR 79GR utilizes an existing monitor arm to provide extraordinary “in-line” support for documents, personal technology, virtually anything around your workstation. Attaching through the VESA plate that connects the monitor arm to the monitor, the VUR 79GR has a stunningly beautiful easel made of high impact acrylic that is 18 inches wide with elegant geometry. The easel will support the user writing on documents. The easel lip is almost a full inch deep.

The patented design is adjustable in height, depth and angle for maximum adaptability to the individual. In fact, if desired, the easel will lay flat, providing a shelf –like feature.

For those desiring a “Sit-Stand” option, the entire unit moves with the monitor to provide extraordinary ergonomic support. Included in the VUR 79GR are multiple sets of hardware to ensure installation compatibility with the existing monitor arm and monitor. It’s a beautiful thing when computer hardware and elegantly designed accessories unite to create world class solutions. This is one of those moments. 


  • ”In-Line” document support for existing monitor arm and monitor
  • Patented design supports documents, personal technology, almost anything around the workstation
  • Attaches through VESA plate between monitor arm and monitor.
  • Ideal for those desiring a sit-stand option
  • Easel is 18 inches wide, made of beautiful high impact acrylic with an elegant shape.
  • Easel lip is almost 1 inch deep
  • Easel is adjustable in height and angle and depth.
  • Easel will support writing on documents.
  • Multiple sets of hardware included to ensure installation compatibility with arm and monitor.
  • Does not include monitor arm.
  • Made in the USA
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