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Smart Step Supreme Dual Anti-Fatigue Mat 3' x 2'

Smart Step Supreme Dual Anti-Fatigue Mat 3' x 2'

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The one piece construction of the Smart Step Supreme Mat has a patented polyurethane, soft inner design structure. Our innovative Smart Tech Polyurethane (STP) provides comfortable, consistent support without compromising durability.

Non slip top and bottom. The Smart Step Supreme Mat has proven to reduce costly injuries, sick days, health care expenses and workman’s compensation claims, all while improving productivity and overall morale. These factors directly impact the bottom line of your business.


  • One piece construction of ¾" polyurethane offers the best combination of comfort, support, slip resistance and durability available.
  • Medically proven to reduce fatigue associated with stationary standing .
  • "Best in Industry" five year warranty covers against delamination, compression, wear-through and rolled edges.
  • Features built in non-slip strips and carpet grippers on the bottom to eliminate mat travel.
  • Anti-microbial by design, inherent in our material formulation.
  • The 20° gradual bevel reduces potential trip hazards, edges will never roll up.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Dirt, grease and oil resistant.
  • Puncture and flame resistant.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Size 3' wide x 2' deep
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