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Slimline Lever Free Dial Tilt Keyboard Tray System - Build Your Own

  • $189.95
  • Ships within 1-2 business days

  • The Slimline Lever Free Keyboard Tray System allows you to custom build your own system, catered to meet your particular needs. Choose the right arm for your workstation and choose the platform (choice of 4) that best fits your needs.

    Adjust the height of the tray effortlessly with your fingertip, ranging from 2" above the mounting track level to 6" below the mounting track level. These adjustment ranges increase to 2.75" above and 8" below when Extended Arm option is selected. This system features a patented "Dial Tilt" adjustment that changes the tilt angle of the tray, and shows the precise angle on its gauge as you turn the knob. It also features a height gauge to mark your favorite working position, so you'll always return to your favorite spot!

    Use the Lever Free Dial Tilt Arm with 17" track for straightaway workstations, use the Lever Free Dial Tilt Extended Arm with 21" track for straightaway and corner workstations.

    Lever Free Dial Tilt Arm with 17" track won't fully retract the system underneath the desk, up to 2" will protrude out past the edge of the desk when fully retracted.

    Lever Free Dial Tilt Extended Arm with 21" track fully retracts the system underneath the desk.


    • Low profile arm and thin phenolic platforms provide maximum leg room
    • Lift-N-Lock™ counter balancing (no knobs or levers) precisely adjusts height
    • Height indicator gauge
    • Patented Dial Tilt adjustment for precise setting with tilt indicator gauge
    • Arm mechanism swivels 360°
    • Swivel Mouse and Swingout Mouse Platform(s) retract underneath keyboard platform

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