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Office Master DB78 Discovery Extra Large Back Ergonomic Task Chair

  • $617.50
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks

  • The Office Master DB78 Discovery Back Extra-Large chair is built for large stature users and designed to specifically address those seeking to promote a healthier seating posture. The unique "Pear-Shaped" design of the DCS Memory Foam backrest permits a seated user's shoulder blades to travel more fully rearward when leaning back preventing scapular impedance. Matching DCS Memory Foam Seat cushion included.

    DB78 features a multi-function control mechanism that includes seat depth adjustment (seat slider), infinitely locking back tilt, infinitely locking seat tilt, easy back height adjustment and rocking tension adjustment.

    Discovery chairs are deal for ergonomic situations or environments with heavy presence of side-to-side tasking (i.e., nursing stations).

    Chair Adjustments:

    NOTE: The above video demonstrates general adjustment capabilities which may vary depending on the model of the chair. The actual functions & appearance of your chair may differ from the video & illustration shown above. For a list of actual capabilities, please see the features list above or call 877-374-6872 for kind assistance. (Some options are available as an upgrade and would be selected at time of purchase).


    • Rated for 300 lbs max. weight capacity
    • Ideal for ergonomic situations or environments with heavy presence of side-to-side tasking (i.e., nursing stations) 
    • Supremely comfortable ergonomic backrest shape allows for full back "stretch" and avoidance of scapular impedance 


      • Adjustable lumbar
      • Pneumatic lift
      • Infinitely locking seat tilt
      • Infinitely locking back tilt
      • Forward tilting adjustment
      • Easy back height adjustment
      • Rocking tension adjustment
      • Fabric panel back standard
      • Seat slider (seat depth adjustment)
      • TLC Dual Density foam backrest
      • TLC Dual Density foam seat
      • Soft casters

      Options available include a wide variety of Arms, Casters, and Cylinders. See below for more detailed information.

      A wide variety of 5 fabric grades as well as leather available with 429 total color options. All DB Series models upholstered in Grade 5 Comfortknit feature an elegant fabric panel back that is upholstered in a super-durable, high double rub fabric. See link to complete Fabric and Color catalog below:



      • Seat Height Range: 18" - 23"
      • Back Dimensions: 11" x 22" w x 25" h
      • Seat Dimensions: 22" w x 18"-21" d
      • Overall Width: 27"
      • Overall Height: 43-52"
      • 12 year Limited Warranty 

      Adjustable Lumbar:



      Note: Arm height adjustment ranges shown in the pdf below are affected when the DCS Memory Foam seat option is added to your chair. Subtract 1.5" from what's shown when DCS seat is added. For example, an arm height range of 9" - 12" will be 7.5" - 10.5" when DCS seat is added (all measurements are approx.).




      Note: Seat height adjustment ranges shown below are affected when the DCS Memory Foam seat option is added to your chair. Add 1.5" to what is shown below when DCS seat is added. For example, a seat height range of 17" - 22" will be 18.5" - 23.5" when DCS seat is added (all measurements are approx.).

      • 5" Black - Seat height range: 18-23" (standard)
      • 5" Chrome - Seat height range: 18-23"
      • 5" Black Heavy Duty - Seat height range: 18-23"
      • 4" Heavy Duty - Seat height range: 17-21"
      • 6" Black Heavy Duty - Seat height range: 20-26"

      TLC Seat (standard):

      • Sigh-producing , dual-density seat cushion featuring 2 different pieces of co-molded foam (comfort + support layers). 

        Fabric Panel Back (standard):

        • Matching fabric applied onto outer back shell.


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