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Microdesk Document Holder

Microdesk Document Holder

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Step Accessories

The innovative Microdesk was developed by an experienced physiotherapist and is deigned for use with either a keyboard tray OR on a level desk when the monitor's position is low. The platform measures 23" wide x 12" deep, allowing ample room for most documents. The optional Step Accessories allow the Microdesk to be converted for use with a keyboard tray.

The Compact Microdesk model has a narrower platform width of 17" for use with laptop on level surface.

When you’re stretching and twisting at your desk you can strain your spine, neck and shoulder areas. Performing simultaneous keyboard and paperwork activities with poor body positions leads to troublesome aches and pains.

When using the Microdesk above your keyboard your papers are directly in front of you so you can read, type and write without stretching and straining.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maximizes desk space.
  • Maintains relaxed upper body posture whilst writing, reading and typing.
  • Easy height and slope adjustment for individual sizing.
  • Choice of two heights of paper lip at front.
  • Allows easy access to keyboard and paperwork at all times.
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