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Humanscale 400 Diagonal Big Board Keyboard Tray System

  • $355.00
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks

  • Base Price Includes:

    • Diagonal Big Board 400 keyboard tray
    • Choice of 20" or 27" GEL palm support with synthetic leather cover
    • 6G mechanism and mounting track (more arms available, see below)

    Humanscale 400 Humanscale Diagonal Big Board Keyboard Platform
    Complete System - 15 yr Warranty

    Fits the angled edges of a diagonal corner and is large enough to accommodate both keyboard and mouse. Allows you to mouse on either the left or right side of the keyboard. Platform dimensions: 27 1/2" wide x 11 1/2" deep

    Options for Your Humanscale Keyboard System

    Arm Mechanism: This is the "arm" that slides into the track that gets mounted to the underside of your desk. The available arm options are shown below.

    Track Length: Measure the amount of flat space you have on the underside of your desk to determine which track length you can use. The longer the track you can utilize, the farther back underneath the desk you can retract the system. Tracks measure 5.5" wide and are available in the following lengths: 22", 18", 16" 14" and 11". The 22" track is required for most arm to fully retract under the desk when not in use. The 5GSM is the only arm that fully retracts the platform under the desk with an 18" track.

    Lateral Slider: This option allows the platform to be adjusted left or right a total of 8" for optimal platform positioning. It can be added to any arm mechanism.

    Corner Sleeve: Converts a 90° corner into a 3 sided corner, the front of the mounting track install on the bottom front of the corner sleeve.


    Arm / Mechanism Options

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