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HealthPostures Stance Move Chair

HealthPostures Stance Move Chair

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Seat Extension

Take a Stand - Discover the Benefits of Movement

Have More Energy • Burn Calories • Relieve Back and Neck Pain

The Stance Move standing chair is the lighter weight version of the HealthPostures Stance Angle Chair, creating a more affordable option to provide office and industrial workers the ability to sit, kneel, or utilize assisted standing The flexibility makes it a great chair for use as a standing desk chair, at workstations, along assembly lines and more. This multi-position standing chair allows you to easily change positions throughout the day to improve ergonomics. The ability to take the pressure off the lower back and reduce the stress the feet encounter during a long day is uncanny.

For best results, the standard Move model is recommended for individuals who are 5’ 9” and shorter. Individuals who are 5’ 10” or taller should utilize the optional seat extension.

The padded seat and leg cushions of the Stance Move ergonomic desk chair offer a wealth of comfort while the durable steel construction and balanced design will keep you moving through the eight different positions it can utilize. You won’t find a better chair for your adjustable height desk or workstation.

Chair Features:

  • 8 different settings to provide sitting, kneeling, and assisted standing positions
  • Angled foot rest and padded let cushions for superior comfort
  • Seat extension model available for individuals 5’ 10” or taller
  • Front casters for easy maneuverability
  • Durable steel frame with a balanced design

Mfr part #'s:

Standard model: 5000

Seat extension model: 5050

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