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ESI All-Flex Sit-to-Stand Electric Desk

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    The All-Flex provides adjustable cross channels, top supports, and feet, making it one of the most adjustable and versatile table bases on the market. With the ability to adjust the width, height and depth, this table base offers flexibility to meet the changing needs of any workstation.

    Cross channels feature 30" of width adjustment to accommodate work surfaces 36" - 84" wide, depth adjustment for 24" - 36" deep tops, and also feature integrated cable management. The notched Cross channel offers ample space for keyboard tray mounting glide tracks.

    Top supports expand to more effectively support deeper worksurfaces, and provide an integrated Control Unit shelf.

    The adjustable Foot Set can accommodate worksurfaces 24" - 36" deep via a removable plate. Integrated storage provided for foot extension when not in use.

    Includes a Digital Keypad with 4 memory settings. Frame available in Silver.


    • 26" Height Adjustment Range: from 23.2" - 49.2"
    • Width expands to effectively accommodate worksurfaces 36" - 84" wide
    • Crossbar includes guides to assist in setting width
    • Depth expands to effectively accommodate worksurfaces 24"–36" deep
    • Adjustable Feet: from 22" - 28"
    • Adjustment Speed: 1.5"/second
    • Lifting Capacity: 265 lbs (including work surface)
    • Anti-Collision Safety Feature
    • 86" Power Cable
    • Quick start
    • Digital keypad with 4 memory settings
    • Folding frame design for quick assembly
    • Integrated control unit shelf
    • Integrated storage for foot extension plate when not in use
    • Integrated cable management
    • Quiet adjustment
    • Steel construction
    • Low power consumption
    • Lead free
    • ADA compliant
    • Also available in 3-leg


    Laminates: (hover over image, click to enlarge)

     Designer White  Antique White  Dove Grey  North Sea  Pepperdust

     Misted Zephyr  Shadow Zephyr  Morro Zephyr  Graphite Nebula  Black

     Titanium EV  White Nebula  Nickel EV  Tungsten EV  Canyon Zephyr

     Kensington Maple  Monticello Maple  Beigewood  Wild Cherry

    Edgebands: (hover over image, click to enlarge)

     Designer White  Black  Folkstone  Shaker Gray  Pepperdust

     Dove Grey  Brownstone  Jute  Anchor Gray  Kodiak Brown

     Rainier Cherry  Candlelight Maple  Sugar Maple

    Dimensional Illustrations:

    Optional CONCEAL Cable Management expands and retracts to keep cables organized vertically under a height adjustable table base. Available in Gray or Black.

    • Total height: 53.5"
    • Total # of links: 23
    • Links are detachable
    • Weighted bottom
    • Attaches to bottom of work surface

    Optional TROUGH Cable Router can be mounted to virtually any flat surface to keep cables routed horizontally.

    • Set of (2) 18" Troughs
    • Mounted using two screws provided or Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape

    Avoid standing discomfort! Use the SmartMat Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat and seamlessly switch from standing to sitting by activating the foot control and sliding it out of the way without bending down and picking up the mat.

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