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Bambach Classic / Classic Plus Saddle Seat

Bambach Classic / Classic Plus Saddle Seat

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 Unlike conventional seating that forces your spine into a compressed “C” shape, the Bambach maintains your spine in its natural “S” shape. This means you can treat patients from a variety of positions and angles – while always keeping perfect sitting posture. Say good-bye to your neck and backpain! 300 lb max. weight.

Created by Australian occupational therapist Mary Gale, the Bambach was the world’s first ergonomic saddle seat. Years of research and development went into the design to ensure dental professionals can practice pain-free.

Conventional dental stools force the spine into an unnatural ‘C’ position. During the daily routine of examinations, cleanings and treatments, disc compression and muscle tension accumulate. Eventually, this can lead to chronic lower back pain, muscle spasms, neck and shoulder disorders, and even a lack of manual dexterity. Research shows almost 30% of dentists are forced to retire early due to back pain caused by poor posture. Over 50,000 dentists enjoy Bambachs worldwide.

No two individuals are identical. So every Bambach Saddle Seat is customized to fit the user’s body type, work environment and even decor.

  • Saddle Seat: Standard (Classic), Small (Pedo Classic) and Large (Classic Plus) - provide a tailored fit for a variety of body types. Most women will prefer the Classic with its narrower seat and wider horn, while most men will prefer the Classic Plus with it's wider seat and narrower horn. Standard Classic seat measures 15" x 15", Small Classic seat measures 13" x 13", Classic Plus seat measures 17" x 17".
  • Proper Height Range: Users can choose from three different cylinder lengths: standard, 5' 2" and under; medium, 5' 3" to 6'; and tall, 6' 1" and over.
  • Caster Type: The Bambach Saddle Seat has different caster options for different work environments. Select from casters designed for carpet or hard floor applications.
  • Extras: Saddle Seat accessories, which include Ergo Back, Armrests and Foot Ring, provide for more comfort and functionality without compromising perfect posture.
  • Fabric and Color: The Bambach Saddle Seat goes with any decor. The easy clean NaugaSoft vinyl is available in six standard colors. Or choose the rich look and feel of Ultra-Leather (special order upon request).

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  • 5.5" Std Seat Height Range: 19” – 24.5” (user height 5' 2" & under)
  • 8.0” Med Seat Height Range: 22” – 29” (user height 5' 3" - 6')
  • 10" Large Seat Height Range:  26” – 36” (user height 6' 1" - 6' 5")

Optional Equipment:

Arm Rest (Front) - Armrest for assistants. Fully adjustable. Available in right and left handed versions.

Back - Adjustable tilt (height not adjustable)

Ergo Back - Provides optimal back support. Compact design with small footprint that provides mobility around the operatory.

Foot Ring - 18″ tubular foot ring (chrome) - 50 mm center hub.

Foot-Activated Height Adjuster - Hands free seat height adjustment. Ideal when hands need to be kept sterile

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