Keyboard Trays for Height Adjustable Desks and Benching Systems

The most common obstacle preventing users from mounting an articulating keyboard tray onto a height adjustable desk is the crossbar that runs across the underside of the desk top, prohibiting the mounting of a track that usually runs 17-21" deep.

The Vanish trackless keyboard arm is engineered to fit in work spaces such as height adjustable tables and benching systems, where space is limited and conventional track mounted keyboard arms will not fit.

This revolutionary new product still provides the user with Lift-N-Lock capability, dial tilt control, and separate height and tilt gauges and functionality that can only be found on high end keyboard arms.

Vanish requires only 10" of depth to install, measured from the front edge of the desk back to the crossbar or obstruction, in order to fully retract when not in use. 

If you have less than 10" of depth, you can still utilize the Vanish Arm by installing it closer to the front edge of your work surface than shown in the template provided. The platform will protrude further away from the front edge when fully extended, and would also protrude further out from the edge of the work surface when fully retracted.

If you have 13" of depth you may also consider the Short Track keyboard tray system, which functions like a standard Lift-n-Lock keyboard tray system with height and tilt adjustment, yet fully retracts on its 12.75" track, making this an ideal system for height adjustable desks with a crossbar and the shallow work surfaces of benching systems. All you need is 13" of depth from the front edge of your work surface back towards the crossbar or back edge of the work surface.

The 27" wide x 10.5" deep rectangular platform with a notched cutout accommodates both a keyboard and a mouse on the same level, and allows for left or right-handed mousing.

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