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WithinReach Swivel Keyboard Tray System

  • $89.95
  • Ships within 2-4 business days

  • The WithInReach™ Swivel Keyboard Tray combines today's technology with unbeatable value. Keeping the user in the "Neutral Reach Zone" provides for the utmost comfort and safety. The low price point enables every user to enjoy the benefits derived from using a keyboard tray, such as improved overall body posture and relief from hand and arm fatigue associated with desktop computing.

    This sturdy system's keyboard platform provides enough space for most keyboards, and the 1/2" thick swivel mouse tray provides a sturdiness not found in most other swivel mouse trays.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Single knob adjustment of height and tilt
    • 360° rotation, 6" height adjustment (5" down to 1" up), +15°/-15° tilt adjustment
    • Swivel mouse tray can be attached to either front corner of keyboard tray
    • 9" round x 1/2" thick mouse tray is edge-routed to keep mouse on tray
    • Keyboard tray measures 18 1/2" Wide x 9 3/8" Deep x 3/8" Thick
    • Both trays constructed of sturdy MDF covered in durable vinyl
    • All-steel arm mechanism with low friction mounting track (17.75" x 5.5")
    • Wrist rest included

    Platform Material:

    MDF platforms are constructed of a dense, laminated wood composite and feature smooth, rounded edges and a vacuum-pressed vinyl covering. Providing a unique three-dimensional design, MDF platforms offer great features and great value.

    Installation Guide:

    Create Keyboard Tray Space in 90° Corner!

    The Cornermaker is constructed from 1/8" thick composite phenolic shaped as an arc with a radius that measures 9 5/8". A sturdy aluminum lip hangs down 1 3/4" from the surface of the Cornermaker. The integration of these 2 materials produces a lightweight keyboard system intergrator with an extremely strong structure.

    • Overall dimensions: 19 3/8"w x 9 5/8"d x 1 7/8"h
    • A separate aluminum bracket is secured to the underside of the Cornermaker, as well as the underside of the desk, and clamps the Cornermaker to the desk surface
    • 2 different length fastening bolts are included for clamping Cornermaker to different thicknesses of desk tops
    • Clamp bracket is pre-drilled with 2 mounting slots for easy attachment of most any track based keyboard system
    • Clamp bracket is adjustable for desks from 7/8" to 1 1/2" thick
    • A separate bumper is combined with fastening bolt which is positioned at the front of the track and acts as the stop for the Keyboard Arm
    • Some assembly required; mounting hardware included

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