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VIA Seating Voss Ergonomic Office Chair

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    Voss executive seating offers unique functionality that includes adjustable height backs, seat depth adjustments, syncro movement and a wide range of options including several different arm styles. Executive / Management / Task - Voss can be specified for every area of the floor plan, from corner office to front desk and everywhere in between. Voss execu-task provides a superior range of comfort, support and design options. Weight capacity ranges from 275 lbs to 350 lbs (see Control Mechanisms).

    This strikingly good looking task chair provides suitability within a private office or conference room environment.  Seat cushion utilizes high density, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection molded, CFC-free, foam using Via Seating’s proprietary process (backed by Via Seating’s 12 year warranty).

    Fabrics - Vinyls - Leathers:

    View Grades A & B Fabric Card - Grade A & Grade B Fabrics are recommended for task and multi-use seating. Each are tested by heavy-duty usage. All are Greenguard Certified™ and eligible for CHPS Low-Emitting Material Credits.

    View Grade 1 Fashion Forward Fabric Card - Grade 1 Fashion Forward Fabrics offer more detailed patterns.

    View Grade 1 Non-PVC Vinyl Card - Staple is a non-pvc textile made from polyurethane (polycarbonate and polyester resins). It offers enhanced abrasion resistance, a fluid barrier, an antimicrobial agent and is bleach-solution cleanable.

    View Grades 3, 4, 6 Free of PVC Vinyl Card - Sustainable, free of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) polyurethane and silicone based patterns. Each pattern is Greenguard Certified™ and eligible for CHPS Low-Emitting Material Credits. Patterns Rein II, Row, Silica and Tanner meet the criteria for the Practice Greenhealth’s Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge, Version 2.0. These products are free of formaldehyde, perfluorinated compounds, PVC, antimicrobials, and flame retardants.

    View Grades 5, 6 Ultrafabrics Card - BRISA® – the first breathable performance fabric in its class with an exclusive ventilation system. BRISA® patterns feature sound absorption properties across a variety of styles. Discover ULTRALEATHER® – high performance fabrics redefining the experience of leather. Experience classic aesthetics and authentic softness in an animal-cruelty free fabric..

    View Grades 5 - 8 Leather Card - Natural, full grain leather with an enhanced supple hand and wearability (grade 8), pre-embossed, top grain leather with a durable, protective UV finish (grade 6) or consistent leather patterning at a great price (grade 5).

    Seat Sizes:

    • Medium - 19.1" wide x 18.4" deep
    • Large  - 20.1" wide x 19.1" deep

    Back Sizes:

    • Mid-Back - 23"-28" h x 20" w
    • High-Back  - 28"-31" h x 20" w

    Arm Options:

    Seat Control Mechanisms:

    All Backs: Single Position Knee Tilt Control
    All Backs: Single Position Knee Tilt Control w/ Seat Slider
    High Back: Synchro Control w/ HD Spring Tension
    High Back: Synchro Control w/ HD Spring Tension + Seat Slider
    Mid Back: Quick Adjust Advanced Synchro Control

    Mid Back: Quick Adjust Advanced Synchro Control + Seat Slider

    Mid Back: Quick Adjust Advanced Synchro Control + Seat Slider + Fwd. Tilt Adj.

    Optional Air Lumbar Support

    Offers height adjustable lumbar as a standard feature i.e. vertical adjustment. Integrated ratchet back function allows the user to vertically adjust the entire back support. This changes the support afforded to the lower back, but also to the upper thoracic area and in the case of high back executive chairs; the cervical spine too. This promotes an optimal sitting position and the opportunity to maintain this posture throughout the entire work day. This additional option works in combination with the ratchet vertical adjustment as referenced above.  It provides more pressure into the lumbar zone, enhancing the natural, forward curve of the lower back. The goal of the lumbar support is to support a broad range of ergonomic factors that can help reduce the risks associated with developing poor posture.


    Quick ship (QS) colors ship within 72 hours - All other colors ship within 7-10 days

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