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Symmetry Voyager No Crossbar Independent Leg Electric Base

  • $649.00
  • Ships within 3-5 business days

  • No Crossbar!- Two Stage Legs

    The Voyager All-In-One offers a sit-to-stand height adjustable desk capable of integrating a keyboard tray and other accessories by featuring independent high end 2-stage powerful motors on each leg. No cross rails run underneath the top, enabling the user to also install one or two file cabinets on each side. Besides the easy assembly and super sturdy construction, the price/performance ratio is one of the strengths of the Voyager All-In-One. Made in the USA.

    4 button Programmable height control button is standard and can be mounted anywhere underneath the work surface after assembly.

    Available in Silver, Black or White 

    There is a 7 year warranty on electrical components (control boxes, hand switches, motors). The base adjusts the top of the work surface (1.125" thick) from 28.5" to 47.25" in height at a rate of 1.125" per second with a 220lb lifting capacity.

    Features & Benefits:

    • No beams under middle of top surface
    • Synchronized drive motor in each leg
    • Soft- Start- Stop function
    • ISP anti collision protection
    • Speed of electric height adjustment: 1.125" per second
    • Height range adjustment: 28.5" to 47.25"
    • Weight capacity: 220 lbs lifting capacity
    • Electric power consumption: .3w
    • Silver, White or Black

    Frame Base Color Choices:

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