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Symmetry Pilot Desktop Sit Stand Workstation (Single/Dual Monitor)

  • $699.00
  • Ships within 10-14 business days

  • The ergonomically designed Symmetry Pilot allows the user to adjust their primary computer work surface from a sit to stand position easily and effectively. The Pilot has 22" of gas assisted height adjustment as well as an independent height adjustable mechanism for the keyboard tray, making it the only HFES compliant height adjustable workstation currently on the market. This design achievement ensures the majority of the population from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male are accommodated comfortably and ergonomically while working in a standing or seated position.  

    The 5-25 lbs weight capacity of the Pilot is versatile enough to accommodate single or dual LCD monitors, or heavier all-in-one PC models. The entire workstation can be extended forward placing the keyboard tray below the desk top when the user is in a seated position. The Pilot is supplied with a grommet mount as well as a C-clamp bracket allowing for simple installation and product placement at the rear, side or corner of a desk. For convenience the Pilot can be positioned out of the way when not required, leaving the original desk surface fully accessible. Available in Silver, White or Black.

    Available in Single monitor and Dual monitor configurations (additional charge for Dual model, see menu above).

    Features & Benefits:

    • 22" keyboard platform height adjustment range
    • Keyboard platform drops below work surface and has tilt adjustment
    • Monitor tower rotates independently from the work surface 180°
    • Monitor(s) can be turned 90° for viewing in landscape or portrait
    • Monitor(s) can independently move horizontally 9.5” and tilt 45°
    • 5 year warranty


    • Weight Capacity Single: 5-25 lbs (includes monitor and items on shelf)
    • Weight Capacity Dual: 20 lbs (includes monitors and items on shelf)
    • Clamp Mount mounts to surfaces up to 30” deep
    • Grommet Mount requires only 5/8" diameter hole
    • Available in Silver, White or Black

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