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Populas Vox Perfect Corner Height Adjustable Electric Sit-Stand Desk

  • $2,499.00
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks

  • The Populas Vox Perfect Corner Height Adjustable Desk provides a surface area of up to 6' x 6' and a wide range of height adjustment, from 24"-50". This modern L-shaped desk features a sleek design, amazing durability and has no cross brace, allowing maximum knee space and complete freedom of movement. The push-button powered adjustment is smooth and practically silent.


    • Smooth, quiet motorized adjustment from 24”- 50”.
    • Power adjusted standard 110V, UL Listed and CSA Recognized.
    • Load capacity 265 lbs.
    • Extruded aluminum telescoping legs.
    • Base finish Graphite Silver.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Motor & Electrical 5 yrs).

    POPULAS builds the great-looking, durable adjustable ergonomic furniture and supports it with a Lifetime Warranty. Every product they make complies with the ADA and meets their own obsessive standards for what feels fantastic at school or at work. POPULAS is American engineering and craftsmanship, backed by realtime phone-based customer service. All of Populas's environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes happen in the United States, and their products are built with durable US made steel, aluminum and wood products.

    The POPULAS Furniture Limited Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period lasts for the lifetime of the product after receipt. They will repair or replace any product component or product that is deemed to be defective by a Populas representative.

    Lifetime Warranty does not cover: damage to any product caused by improper use, application or installation; changes in the look of any finish over time due to normal aging; damage to any finish caused by improper cleaning, maintenance or exposure to corrosive elements; normal wear and tear, which includes scuffs and areas of heavy wear; incidental or consequential damages, including labor to replace parts or products.

    Motorized and electrical components included in the Vox™ series of products are covered by a Five (5) Year Limited Warranty.

    If you think an item may be defective, please contact POPULAS Customer Service at 1-800-957-2720 or

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