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Luxo Ovelo LED Task Light

  • $296.00

  • LED: Lightsource of the Future

    Ovelo is equipped with state­ of­ the ­art LEDs, which provide bright, warm light and have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours. That translates to 25 years or more with normal office use. You may never have to change the light source.

    Watch Ovelo LED Task Light Video

    With its unique design and all metal construction, this impressive task light will stand out in any office environment. A covered spring­ balanced arm design provides complete flexibility (yaw and tilt) of the pivoting arm and lamp head, yet its overall size is modest. Ovelo uses dimmable LEDs and has an automatic shut­off functionality to save energy.


    • Asymmetric light output
    • White, polycarbonate reflectors.
    • Dimmable with 9/4 hour automatic shut­off to save energy
    • 29" parallel, three­ pivot arm with up/down & side­-to­-side head movement
    • Desk edge clamp mount included, optional desk base or grommet mount available
    • Available in Silver Grey, Black or White


      • Integrated LED module 6W
      • Total Energy Consumption: 7.4W
      • Offstate Power: 0.3W
      • Color rendering: 90
      • Color temperature: 3250 Kelvin
      • Automatic shut-off after 9 hours
      • Aluminum and prime quality steel construction
      • AC/DC Converter: Electronic plug-in transformer
      • Power cord: 4.5' long

      PIR Sensor

      The PIR sensor enhances control and energy savings. By detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body, the sensor automatically turns a task light off when the user has been away from the workspace for a brief time. This quick-connect accessory can be used with any Luxo LED arm-based task light.


      • Operating voltage – DC 5V – 25V
      • Output voltage – Equal to input voltage
      • Load current - <3A
      • Static power loss - ≤50u
      • Delay time adjustable from 2 seconds – 6 minutes (15 second default setting)
      • Dimensions: 1.89in. x .98in. x .55in.