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Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Arm Stand

  • $189.99
  • Ships within 1-3 business days

  • The Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Arm Stand has everything you need; it's built to solidly and securely support up to three 15” to 27” monitors (max load: 17.6 lbs per mount), and has fully customizable features that will allow you to adjust your view however you prefer it - you can tilt, swivel, rotate and switch from landscape to portrait quickly and easily.

    Great additional features include an effective cable management system to organize unsightly wires and an anti-theft kit to protect your monitors.

    Offering unmatched stability, the heavy duty weighted base of the Jestik Horizontal Triple Monitor Mount is engineered to perfection, all thanks to the rigorous standards followed in the design and construction of the product.

    Solidly constructed with sturdy steel hinges designed to support up to 52.8 lbs across the entire bar, you can be assured of Jestik’s high standard of quality and durability.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Supports up to three 15” - 27” Monitors (17.6 lbs max. per mount)
    • Landscape and Portrait viewing modes
    • Avoid screen glare with tilting capability
    • Quick Release VESA adaptor
    • Effective cable management system
    • Anti-Theft Kit for each mount that protects your monitors

    Multi-tasking is one thing. But multi-tasking in a productive way is another. You see, business gurus say that it’s not really the amount of work that you do but the quality of your work that matters. We agree. The Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount is a product that’s a true testament to that.

    Seamlessly allowing you to mount up to three 27” monitors and smoothly adjusting it to your preferred, height, angle and rotation, the Jestik Triple Monitor Mount helps you become more productive.

    You can be assured of great quality and durability as our design team has worked closely with manufacturers to produce a triple monitor mount that’s strong, solidly-built, secure and stable; making it ideal for intense, fast-paced work or gaming environments.

    Its space-saving design and cable management system allows you to simplify and de-clutter your space, making it neat, tidy and free of any physical hazards. It also includes a nifty Anti-Theft Kit that ensures your monitors will be protected when you’re not around.

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