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Innovative Payment Terminal Mount 9235

  • $77.00
  • Ships within 2-4 business days

  • The 9235 payment terminal mount is a secure solution that can accommodate EMV chip card readers and other payment technology. Designed to work with all POS environments, including retail, restaurants, and hospitality.

  • Industry standard VFI 3 hole pattern can mount with most keyholes on the molded cradles of pin pads, signature capture devices, mobile contactless payment, and EMV card readers.     
  • Changing point-of-sale payment technologies require a mounting solution that can support industry advancements. From the traditional credit card swipe machines and signature capture devices to contactless RFID payment and EMV chip cards, the 9235 payment terminal mount provides a durable, secure solution for heavy use POS environments.


    • Easily adjust desired angle with 15-110 degrees of tilt and 180 degrees of swivel.
    • Adapter plate securely mounts payment devices to prevent unwanted tampering.
    • Available with either thru-surface or surface clamp mount.
    • Mount supports up to 10 lbs.



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