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Humanscale M8 LCD Monitor Arm

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  • Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm - For Single or Dual Monitor Configurations

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    This M8 Arm consists of one Fixed Angle Link and one Dynamic Link with a Standard Ball Joint (or Crossbar w/ Dual model), and a choice of Clamp Mount, Bolt-thru Mount, or Dual Clamp & Bolt Thru Mount.

    The M8 is a high-capacity flat panel monitor arm that combines superior performance and style, and accommodates the widest range of monitors available today. Most traditional dynamic monitor arms only support computer monitors that weigh 15 to 20 pounds. But many applications call for heavier monitors or dual-monitor configurations that traditional arms just can’t accommodate.

    Through its unique design, the M8 accommodates any single monitor up to 42 pounds, and dual-monitor configurations up to 40 pounds. Combining rugged performance with sleek aesthetics, the M8 is the ideal solution for heavy monitor applications or any other environment that may require larger or multiple monitors in the future.

    One Arm Fits All

    Boasting more than 50% steel construction, the M8’s high-performance design easily accommodates heavy monitors. But it also provides the versatility to support small, light monitors, including those weighing as little as 8 pounds. This is especially important for applications that require one monitor now, but may require two at some later date. Precision engineering makes it all possible, as the M8 features an internal counterbalance that easily adjusts to provide the right amount of tension.

    As a result, the M8 not only accommodates virtually any monitor on the modern market, it is versatile enough to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.

    Dual Monitor Configurations

    The M8’s high weight capacity allows it to easily accommodate dual monitor setups. Using the optional crossbar support, the M8 supports two monitors - each weighing up to 20 pounds - arranged side-by-side. And with a built-in Fine-Tune Adjustor, they can be adjusted to line up perfectly for easy viewing and a smooth aesthetic. Monitors mounted to the crossbar adjust simultaneously, allowing the user to easily re-position the entire configuration and improving the ergonomics of multiple-user workstations.

    Mounting Options

    Clamp Mount, Bolt-Through Mount or Optional Dual Clamp Mount & Bolt-Through Mount


    Features & Specifications:
    • Supports the widest range of monitors available today
    • Rugged, high-capacity construction supports 1 or 2 monitor applications
    • Sleek, modern aesthetic complements any contemporary workstation
    • Accommodates virtually any monitor ranging from 8 – 42 lbs.
    • Offers 11.5" of dynamic height adjustment
    • Offers up to 22" of depth adjustment
    • Built-in security system provides effective theft-deterrent for public areas
    • Quick Release ball joint facilitates fast and easy monitor installation and removal
    • Built-in fine-tune adjustment ensures that double monitors line up perfectly
    • 180° stop mechanism prevents wall damage from over-rotation
    • Counterbalances monitor(s) with simple hex screw adjustment
    • Integrated cable management system hides cables within the arm
    • VESA Plate supports all monitors with 75mm and 100mm VESA hole patterns
    • VESA Plate stores 2 hex keys for instant access to adjustment tools
    • Mounting options: Clamp Mount, Bolt-Thru, or both Clamp & Bolt-Thru                       
    • Optional crossbar supports two monitors side-by-side


    • 62% recycled content;  43% post-consumer and 19% pre-consumer content
    • Contains 53% LEED recycled content
    • 99% recyclable
    • Made predominantly of steel and recycled aluminum


    • Sleek, modern design
    • Finish options: Polished Aluminum with White accents and Silver with Gray accents
    • Integrated cable management reduces unsightly cable clutter

    M8 Installation Instructions
    M8 Arm Positioning Guide
    M8 Brochure

    M8CW: Polished Aluminum with White Trim Arm with Clamp Mount
    M8CS: Silver with Gray Trim Arm with Clamp Mount
    M8BW: Polished Aluminum with White Trim Arm with Bolt-Through Mount
    M8BS: Silver with Gray Trim Arm with Bolt-Through Mount
    *** Adding -1C to model numbers above denotes addition of Crossbar

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