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Humanscale M2 LCD Monitor Arm

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  • The new M2 is an ingeniously simple monitor arm that combines serious performance, style and value. Through a clever new design innovation, the M2 offers a longer life, a more streamlined look, and a more eco-conscious choice than any traditional monitor arm.

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    Current-generation dynamically adjustable monitor arms utilize a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor. This adds heft and bulk to the monitor arm and makes it more prone to failure, as gas cylinders have a limited lifespan and eventually leak gas and lose pressure.

    This LCD arm utilizes an innovative mechanical spring in place of a gas cylinder. This new solution allows the M2 arms to be thinner, lighter, more maneuverable and far more durable than traditional arms, without sacrificing strength and weight-load capacity.

    What's more, the streamlined, minimal-part design enables an unmatched price point for an arm with the M2's features and quality.

    The M2 & the Environment

    Humanscale believes performance and sustainability are complementary outcomes of good design. The M2 is an outstanding example of this philosophy.

    Through exceptional design, the M2 achieves a high level of function and sleek looks while requiring less raw material and fewer manufacturing processes in its creation. And by eliminating the most failure-prone component of current-generation dynamically adjustable arms - the gas spring - the M2 is assured the longest life possible. It is the last monitor arm you will ever need to buy - the ultimate sustainability achievement.

    Additionally, the M2's slim profile and light weight allow for less packaging materials and less fuel required for shipping.

    Made from 52% recycled and 99% recyclable content, the M2 ships in 85% recycled packaging and can be integral to the achievement of a number of valuable LEED credits.


    • Innovative design using fewer parts promotes increased reliability and cost-savings.
    • Mechanical spring replaces the failure-prone gas cylinder of other arms.
    • 15-year 24/7 warranty


    • Supports 95% of monitors in use today up to 27" (20 lbs max. wt.) 
    • Counterbalances monitor with simple hex screw adjustment
    • Integrated cable management hides cables within the arm
    • 10" height adjustment range
    • Arm reach: 0 – 20" from the center of the mount to the back of the monitor
    • Link dimensions: 1.1" thick
    • Weight: 5 lbs.

    Mounting Options:

    • Bolt-through mount installs through desktop or grommet hole - accommodates desks 0.75" – 1.75" thick
    • Clamp mount installs on desk edge - accommodates desks 0.5" – 2" thick


    • Made of 52% recycled and 99% recyclable materials
    • Utilizes less raw material and Earth's resources than traditional monitor arms
    • Requires fewer parts & fewer manufacturing processes than traditional monitor arms
    • Slim design and light weight requires less energy to ship than traditional monitor arms
    • Will never need to be replaced


    • Slim, contemporary look
    • Sets standard of elegance in monitor arm design
    Finish Options:
    • Polished aluminum with white accents
    • Silver with gray accents

    M2CW: Polished Aluminum with White Trim Arm with Clamp Mount
    M2CS: Silver with Gray Trim Arm with Clamp Mount
    M2BW: Polished Aluminum with White Trim Arm with Bolt-Through Mount
    M2BS: Silver with Gray Trim Arm with Bolt-Through Mount

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