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Humanscale Clip Mouse

Humanscale Clip Mouse

  • $69.00
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  • The 9" diameter Clip Mouse can be moved closer to or further away from you by simply sliding it forward or back. Grasping the unit near the Rail will facilitate the sliding action. The Clip Mouse can also be adjusted laterally by rotating it around its offset pivot point.

    Clip Mouse

    If the keyboard platform is set to a tilt, the Clip Mouse platform can be adjusted so that the mousing surface is parallel to the floor. Simply grasp front edge of the Clip Mouse platform and move it up or down to achieve desired angle.

    Standard: Adjusts from .5" to 1.5" above keyboard platform

    High: Adjusts from 1" to 2" above keyboard platform

    Ergo Tip: Position the Clip Mouse so that you can easily reach the mouse by simply swinging your forearm from the center of the keyboard. As with keying, you should be able to mouse with your shoulders relaxed and your arms hanging comfortably at your sides.


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