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Goldtouch Gel Mouse Pad

  • $19.95
  • Ships within 1-3 business days

  • The organically-shaped mouse pad (mousing platform) with it's beveled edges and sloped surface keeps the arm and hand in a more natural, more relaxed position than a conventional flat mouse pad or desktop mat. Made of stress-dispersing gel, the mousing platform gives under pressure to relieve strain and the lycra cover provides excellent trackability. It helps you attain neutral wrist postures.

    • Supports the wrist and helps you attain a neutral wrist posture.
    • Unique 3D shape distributes pressure evenly, and helps avoid unwanted pressure points in vulnerable soft tissue.
    • Comforting Gel structure disperses stress - allows you to relax your hand, wrist and arm.
    • Negative tilt on the mousing surface straightens the wrist.
    • Positive slope on the front surface helps protect your arm from hard desk surfaces.
    • Gentle 3D curves cater to a greater range of desk and height variance.
    Available in Black or Blue

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