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Footime Foot Mouse

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    How to mouse with a Footime® foot mouse?

    Nice and easy! It's a 2-part input device:

    The "slipper" part with cursor controller (pointer) is worn and controlled by one foot and can move around on a big mouse mat (included) as a "hand" mouse does. The pedal part, with 5 buttons having all mouse clicks and defined shortcuts plus a scroll roller, is controlled by the other foot. A roller turning left and right scrolls screen up and down, while your heel can rest on floor comfortably.

    A side switch allows the user to choose between 2 states; One state has all mouse clicks, The other state has all 5 buttons for programming. With the help of software, each definable button can be defined with 2 sets of functions. This gives the user up to 10 shortcuts (functions) for each program.    

    The pedal can work independently without the "slipper" and both parts won't affect other hand mice or input devices connected to computer at the same time.

    For Mac Computers:

    BiLiPro Footmouse will work without the need for a software on most Mac computers. To set it up, go to your application and choose "Preferences" menu, and  set up shortcut keys.

    For Windows Computers:

    Download the "Footmouse Assistant" Software for Window here.

    You can customize the buttons to click or do shortcuts in your application.

    Download the Owner's Manual for Footmouse (PDF) here.

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