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Ergotech One-Touch Ultra Sit Stand System Build Your Own

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    Recent studies show that proper Ergonomics in the workplace significantly improves employee engagement. .

    The Ergotech One-Touch Ultra Sit Stand System is an electric powered height adjustable sit stand system that mounts directly to your existing desk and blows the competition away with its unique features and outstanding performance. Compatible with both PC & Apple iMac® monitors.

    One-Touch Ultra Sit Stand System can be configured to mount either 1 monitor of any size, 2 monitors up to 30" each, 3 monitors up to 27" each, 4 monitors (4 across) up to 21" each, 4 monitors (1 over 3) up to 27" each, or monitors (2 over 2) up to 30" each.

    For streamlined ordering and money saving pre-configured models, see our
    1-3 Monitor Bundle and Dual Monitor Bundle

    One-Touch Ultra has a generous 100 lbs weight limit and features a 20" of vertical travel, the highest range on the market today. The keyboard and monitor distance range is 7". Comes standard with both a lower and upper work-surface, a center monitor mounting pole and your choice of a clamp mount, grommet mount, flush rail mount, slat wall mount, or wall mount.

    Choose your lower work-surface size based on the size of your desk; 13" x 36" surface lies flush with a 30" deep desk, 17" x 36" surface lies flush with a 34" deep desk. View a dimensional illustration of Lower Work-Surfaces here.

    All Upper Work Surfaces measure 13" x 36"

    Optional Laptop Tray available, compatible with Single and Dual configurations only.


    • 100 lb weight capacity
    • Large work surfaces, choice of 13x36 or 17x36 lower work surface
    • 20” range of vertical height adjustment
    • Integrated cable management system
    • Choice of Clamp, Grommet, Flush Rail, Slat Wall, or Wall mount
    • Warranty: 10 years on the unit/parts, 2 years on the motor


    • Single Monitor - any size PC or MAC monitor
    • Optional - Dual Monitors - up to two 30" PC monitors (or two 27" iMacs)
    • Optional - Triple Monitors - up to three 27" monitors
    • Optional - Quad 4 Across Model: up to four 21" monitors
    • Optional - Quad 1 Upper × 3 Lower Model: up to four 27" monitors
    • Optional - Quad 2 Upper × 2 Lower Model: up to four 30" monitors

    Mounting Options:

    • Desk Clamp - easily installed on any flat desk surface with an exposed back edge allowing for the clamp. No tools are required to attach the clamp to the desk. Simply turn the attached knob.

    • Grommet - easily attaches to any flat surface with an existing hole. If there is no existing hole, a 5/16″ hole must be created. This option provides a simple way to attach to a flat work surface with underside access.

    • Slat Wall - Contact Ergo Experts to verify compatibility between your slat wall and Ergotech's One-Touch slat wall bracket mount.

    • Flush/Rail - can be fastened to any flat surface with screws or through-bolts (preferable). The single flush mount is available in numerous bottom plate configurations. These allow mounting to multiple interfaces such as rail with T nuts and recessed with standard nut and bolt or simple screws.
    • Wall - Mounts directly to vertical surface.

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