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ConSet 2-Column Sit-Stand Electric Height Adjustable Desk 501-27

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    The ConSet 501-27 2-column electric desk is one of our most popular and most economical 2-leg height adjustable desks.

    The frame itself adjusts from 21" to 47" high at a rate of 1" per second. During assembly you can attach the height control buttons to the underside of the worksurface wherever it's convenient for you.

    This model frame has a 220lb. max load capacity and a 5 year warranty. The motor has a 2 year warranty through the manufacturer.

    There are nine table top sizes to choose from to complete this desk, from 42" to 84" wide and from 24" to 30" deep (84" width only available in 30" depth).
    Base price includes 42" x 24" Rectangle worksurface.
    All tops are 7/8" thick and are available with a Beech or Maple Veneer finish that is triple coated with UV hardened lacquer.
    NOTE: Worksurface dimensions shown include a 1" clearance around the perimeter. To determine the exact dimensions of any top subtract 2" from the width and 1" from the depth of the dimensions shown. For example, the 42"W x 30"D Rectangle worksurface measures exactly 40"W x 29"D. All height-adjustable desks require a small clearance to freely adjust up and down (to accommodate for a monitor arm that may be attached, wires that hang over the edges, or slightly uneven floors or walls).
    Assembly instructions
    Frame spec sheet

    For lighter loads (up to 176 lbs) see the Two-Leg 501-17 model w/ Wheels.
    Added comfort! Avoid possible standing fatigue with the
    Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

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