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Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 Portable Notebook Stand

  • $119.00
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  • The Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 330 Portable Notebook Stand features 6 different height settings with a back height range of 11-19 cm. Easy laptop set-up with a patented built in, pivotable document holder. Lightweight and completely foldable to fit in any notebook case. Made of ABS plastic and protective rubber feet. Award winning design: Ergonomics Excellence Award. Suitable for all laptops up to 17 inch.


    • Your ergonomic workplace
    • Fits in every laptop bag
    • Easy to set up


    Recent scientific studies in the Netherlands and Sweden have shown that working with the Ergo-Q results in: 17% increased productivity, 21% increased comfort and 32% decreased neck torque.


    • Dimensions: 228 x 13 x 310 mm
    • Weight: 490 g
    Heath & Safety Regulations

    By European legislation, employers are obliged to take proper measurements to prevent physical discomfort among their employees. Separate from the screen the keyboard needs to have the ability to both tilt and move freely to allow a comfortable working position thus avoiding fatigue in the arms and hands. In addition one must be able to increase the height of the screen by placing a support underneath the monitor. The document holder should be stable, adjustable, and positioned so as to minimize uncomfortable head and eye movements. These guidelines do not only apply to desktop computers but also to laptop computer stations.

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