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Neutral Posture NPS6700 Chair High/Wide Back, Med. Seat, Deep Contour

  • $990.00
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks

  • The Model 6700 Ergonomic Chair by Neutral Posture features a 22.5" wide x 22" - 26" high chair back and a medium size 23" wide x 16" - 18.5" deep seat with deep contour. 275 lbs max.

    Fabric Swatches
    Leather Swatches

    Chair Features:

    • High back with less lateral curve for more upper back support
    • Medium-size seat with minimal contour
    • Passive weight dispersion design
    • Generous foam for optimal comfort
    • Up to 15 active adjustments
    • Adjustable back height and angle
    • Adjustable seat height, depth, angle and tension
    • Adjustable arm height, width and 360° armpad rotation
    • Built-in inflatable lumbar support
    • Plastic outer back shell
    • Optional upholstered outer back shell available
    • Multi-function mechanism with seat slider included

    • 5 independent controls (5 paddles)
    • Adjustable back height

    Chair Specifications:

    • Base diameter: 26"
    • Chair weight: 60 lbs.
    • Seat dimensions: 23" wide x 16" - 18.5" deep
    • Seat height range: 17.5" - 22.5"
    • Seat angle range: F 10° - R 3°
    • Back dimensions: 22.5" wide x 22" - 26" high
    • Back angle range: 97° - 113°

    Suggested Arms:

    5-Way 360° 0 Arm Adjustments

    All Available Arms:

    H4 Dual Pivot Headrest:

    Fring Footrest:

    Thoracic Support:

    This Thoracic Support option is a fixed protrusion (or wedge) in the upper part of the chair back, which protrudes into the user’s thoracic region of their back. We strongly advise that adding this option should only be considered if it’s been specifically recommended by a professional therapist or ergonomist, as this protrusion may be quite uncomfortable to most users.

    Memory Foam:

    N-dulgent memory foam helps reduce pressure on sensitive body points and provides more support and comfort to the user through its ability to self adjust to body's individual contours. The capability of the foam to reduce pressure on the body can help with blood circulation and provides a more healthful seated experience.

    Fabric Swatches
    Leather Swatches

    6000 Series Brochure
    Chair Manual
    Assembly Guide

    12 Year Warranty (except as noted below)

    • 10 years - arms, chair controls, casters, cylinders
    • 5 years - inflatable lumbar, footrings

    Residential Deliveries

    To allow for an efficient and more palatable home delivery experience (a business in a home is considered a residential address) Neutral Posture has initiated a program with the features below included for a cost of $150.00

    • Your chair is going to come fully assembled, no setup required by you.
    • Your chair will ship on a pallet. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the chair caused by shipping.
    • FedEx will call before delivery 24hrs prior to ensure that there is someone home to receive the chair.
    • FedEx driver will take the chair off the pallet and deliver directly to the door.

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