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Innovative 9112-S-FM Articulating LCD Monitor Mount

  • $226.20
  • Ships within 2-4 weeks

  • The Innovative Articulating LCD Arm features horizontally foldable arms which adjust vertically up and down a pole of various lengths, from a standard 14" to an extended 28" pole. The arms can fold up to fit in about 3" of space and extend outward 14". A unique cable management allows cables to tucked under the forearm extensions.

    Included is the popular 8111 FLEXmount system, which contains six different mounting options to fit any mounting application you have now or in the future. Or, you may choose either the Heavy-Duty Wall Mount or Heavy-Duty Bolt-Through Desk Mount instead.

    View all 6 Mounts in the 8111 FLEXmount


    • Rotates 360 degrees at three joints
    • Adjustable tension at joints - ideal for touch-screen applications
    • Tilt mechanism can tilt over 200 degrees
    • Extends horizontally 14"
    • Available in 2 pole lengths: 14" & 28"
    • Accommodates monitors up to 30 lbs
    • Optional Extender Tube raises arm by 6". Inserts between the mount and arm

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