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ESI Motific Mobile Tech Table 24" - 26" Height

  • $452.40

The Motific mobile tech table enable users to move through their day - from workstation to remote space - while connected to digital technology. This lightweight and easy-to-move table provides a sturdy design that can support users work gear. Pick it up and move it to wherever your work takes you.

Motific is offered in two fixed-height models, 24" and 26". The table can be customized to fit any workspace design with the different combinations of column and base finishes. The column is offered in three colors (silver, black and white) and the base is offered in four colors (silver, black, white and polished aluminum). The worksurface is also tailored to the user's needs, with two shapes and two laminates to choose from.


  • Weighs only 16 lbs (complete unit including top)
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs total; 25 lbs for table, 25 lbs for hook
  • Base Dimensions: 23.5" wide (widest point), 19.7" deep
  • Round Top Dimensions: 22" diameter

  • Amorphic Top Dimensions: 25" wide (widest point), 22" deep
  • Top Colors: Recon Black, Designer White
  • Column Colors: Silver, Black, White (Black & White 7-10 day lead time)
  • Base Colors: Silver, Black, White, Polished Aluminum (Black, White, Polished Alum. 7-10 day lead time)
  • Warranty: 15 yrs base; 5 years worksurface
  • See Motific Spec Sheet for complete specifications.

With over two decades of experience designing consumer products, designer Henner Jahns of award winning GECCO Vision was the perfect partner for ESI’s product vision. Working closely with ESI to develop a mobile piece for a third space work environment, they were faced with a unique design challenge: create a piece of functional furniture that integrated easily with the use of digital technology. As phones, tablets and laptops become personal accessories for mobile work and life, a workspace that seamlessly accommodates digital devices became the goal and lead to the development of the Motific.

As users move through their day with digital technology constantly activated, the dynamic third space became the backdrop to the Motific design brainstorm process. However, a design that married functional and seamless digital integration with a physical environment needed a language to guide the design vision. Fluid. Intuitive. Modular. These became the flashpoint words of inspiration for Henner and his team.

The design language steered Henner toward a minimalist approach. Yet minimalism that’s too subdued can easily become commonplace. Henner and his team had to focus on points of distinction, a shape that was different yet subtle. Through a careful process of ideation, prototypes and engineering, they finalized a design that balanced understated elegance with highly remarkable features.

Motific offers users multiple options to customize the mobile tech table to meet their workspace needs. With two heights, a variety of finishes, and two worksurface shapes, it can be tailored to work in any dynamic space.

This lightweight and easy-to-move mobile tech table, offers a sturdy design that can hold up to 50 pounds of your work gear. Pick it up and move it to wherever your work takes you.

With a built-in expandable hook, the Motific keeps your bag off the floor and within reach.



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