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Humanscale QuickStand Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

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  • Sleek, sturdy and simple to use, QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations. Humanscale created QuickStand to encourage users to be active and integrate movement into their days, which is vital to health.

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    Voted the best office accessory of the decade (Best in 10) at Interior Design magazine's 2015 Best of Year Awards, the QuickStand height-adjustable workstation raises the bar for ease of use and stability among sit/stand products. QuickStand seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active one, promoting collaboration and well-being in the workplace. With weightless operation and a plug-and-play cable management system, QuickStand neatly attaches to the back of any work surface, placing the screen and keyboard in an ergonomically correct position for the user.

    QuickStand makes sit-to-stand easy and portable. With the ability to move with or independently of the screen, QuickStand’s lightweight platform allows the desk to adapt to the user’s changing comfort demands. Unlike other height adjustable solutions on the market, QuickStand can effortlessly be moved from one work surface to another.

    QuickStand features an innovative counterbalance mechanism that enables users with fixed-height computer desks to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease.  Its effortless functionality encourages users to be active and integrate movement into their days, which is vital for health.

    A sleek design with a minimalist aesthetic, QuickStand seamlessly integrates cable management, mechanisms, and moving parts into its chassis. Its minimal footprint frees up space on home office furniture, traditional work surfaces, temporary hot desks and collaborative workstations, allowing QuickStand to fit into any work setting.

    The QuickStand workstation is robustly designed to ensure the keyboard platform remains stable with no bouncing when the user types.  Available in a number of configurations including dual monitor setups, QuickStand is the perfect co-worker for any space.

    Dynamic design allows QuickStand to clamp to any fixed-height work surface like a monitor arm. An optional freestanding base is also available. And best of all, QuickStand doesn't compromise the user’s desktop, leaving space on either side for paper-based work or other items.

    Every aspect of QuickStand has been specifically engineered for regular sit-to-stand use, including our custom-designed cable sets. We provide cable sets for each monitor you build your QuickStand to hold. Each QuickStand unit comes with two USB cables, as well as a power cable and your choice of the following technology display connections for each monitor:

    Available in a number of configurations, including those with dual monitor requirements.

    Included in price: Single Monitor model w/ Clamp or Bolt-thru mount and Cables.

    Optional DUAL Clamp & Bolt-thru mounts available    

    Optional Free Standing mount available                            

    Finish Options: White or Black w/ Grey Accents


    • Easily attaches with two-piece mount for clamping or thru desk grommet
    • Fully integrated and pre-installed cable management
    • VESA compliant with friction monitor adjustability
    • Stable build provides reliability to the user
    • Elegant, clean aesthetic complements any environment


    • Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in and go
    • Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse
    • 18" (460 mm) platform height adjustment
    • 5" (127 mm) single/dual monitor display adjustment 
    • Work surface clamp has 6" (150 mm) of horizontal adjustment for a 24" (600 mm) up to 36" (900 mm) deep surface  
    • Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a ½" (13 mm) up to 2¾" (70 mm) thick surface

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    Instructions Guide

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