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Goldtouch Slimline Gel Mouse Pad (Left or Right Hand)

  • $19.95

The unique design of the left-handed Goldtouch SlimLine Mouse Pad allows users to mouse in greater comfort, combining a sleek look and unrivaled support for your wrists and joints. No longer will long hours at the office mean pain and a loss of productivity.

  • Mouse more comfortably: Protects your hand and wrist from hard surfaces.
  • A great stress reducer: Gel disperses stress, relieving tension from your tendons.
  • Complementary style: The stylish black Lycra cover provides excellent trackability. The pad’s low profile will measure no higher than your thin mini keyboards and other devices.
    Length: 10 Inches
    Width: 8.5 Inches
    Height: 0.375 of an inch (1cm)
    Weight: 8 oz.

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