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3M Ergonomic Mouse

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  • The unique, ergonomic vertical grip design has been clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries compared to using a traditional mouse. Enhances your comfort by keeping arms and shoulders in a more relaxed, neutral position. Optical USB/PS2 compatible plug and play. For right-hand use. 2 year manufacturers warranty.

    Measure hand, from base of palm, (near little finger) to top (base) of index finger to determine size of mouse for best fit.

    Size Specifications
    • Small/Medium: Palm Width = 2.75 to 3.50 inches
    • Large: Palm Width = 3.50 to 4.0 inches +
    This mouse has a USB connector and comes with a PS/2 adapter.

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    Model #'s:
    EM500GPL - Large
    EM500GPS - Small

    This ergonomic computer mouse by 3M is another oldie but goodie. Its been around for quite some time and since it’s manufactured by a well-known, respectable brand many studies have been done to prove its effectiveness. The concept of the design of this mouse is similar to the Evoluent, being that it features a “vertical” grip handle that puts your wrist and hand at a neutral angle. 3M never put out a lefty version of this product, so it’s always been for right-handed people only. It is very simple to use – grip the handle and rest your hand on the base, then use your thumb to click the left and right top buttons. It also has a third button where your fingers rest that enables scrolling in some applications (like web browers). There is also a wireless model available now in case cords just aren’t your thing, but you’ll pay a bit more for this one. The Arthritis Foundation ( has publicly commended the 3M Ergonomic Mouse for its ease-of-use, and over the years it has shown to have a very low return rate (most people love it) and a very low defective rate (it is made surprisingly well).

    This mouse is available in two sizes which helps it fit the hands of a wider base of people. If the width of your palm is between 2.75-3.5″ you should go with the small model (wired or wireless), and if your palm is over 3.5″ wide go with the large version. Traditional computer mice require forearm pronation (twisting) which can cause pressure on the wrist and carpal tunnel area. Some people are a little put off at first by the looks of a mouse like this, but a good majority of those who use it for at least a few days find that it does help alleviate some pain and discomfort. 3M gives you a 2-year warranty so in the rare case something does go wrong it’s not a problem to get it replaced.

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