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ErgoRest 352-023 Articulating Arm Rest with Mouse Pad

ErgoRest 352-023 Articulating Arm Rest with Mouse Pad

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The Ergorest 352-023 provides the same benefits as the standard 330 model but is equipped with a separate mouse station. This ensures that the wrist remains in a natural position, even when working extensively with a mouse.

Unlike a mouse pad, which can strain the wrist, the Ergorest 352-023 effectively prevents unpleasant symptoms and even carpal tunnel syndrome, which can result in an inability to work. Also ensures the correct distribution of strain on the neck, shoulders and back.

The support's aluminum double support structure and support pad, upholstered in genuine leather, guarantee a supportive feel and unlimited range of movement.

ErgoRest reduces the amount of strain on the neck, preventing neck complaints arising from muscular tension.  Also relaxes the shoulders and prevents complaints arising from muscular tension or strain, such as tennis elbow and other elbow ailments.

ErgoRest prevents carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis. By supporting the forearm and guiding the body into a better working position, ErgoRest prevents complaints arising from strain on the lower back.

Note: Clamp compatible with 90 degree flat desk edges only (upper and lower edges). NOT compatible with rounded edge surfaces, or surfaces with a lip or other protrusions.


  • 5" Padded arm rest 
  • Standard Clamp included fits desktops 1" to 1.75" thick
  • Can be used by right hand or left hand users
  • Black finish
  • Center of arm and arm rest pad both swivel 360°
  • Clamp end swivels 180°
  • Swivel arm adjusts 3 inches vertically
  • Maximum load bearing capacity of 26 lbs

Part# 352-023 - Long upper arm, standard arm pad, includes Mousing Surface

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