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Enhance Your Comfort And Productivity At The Computer

Welcome to! We offer products that help you feel more comfortable at the computer. By customizing your workspace you can enjoy the benefits of improved productivity and an enhanced sense of well-being. At the same time, you'll be reducing your risk of work-related injuries and preventing the development of any computer-related health conditions. Get started now by browsing through some of our featured products below:

Mooreco Visionary Black Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard Goldtouch Go!2 Wireless Bluetooth Ergonomic Keyboard (PC & MAC) Humanscale M2 LCD Monitor Arm
List Price: $199.00
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List Price: $139.00
Your Price: $119.00
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List Price: $322.00
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Mooreco Visionary Black Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard Goldtouch Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Humanscale M2
3Dee Active Office Chair Innovative 3520 Under-Table LCD Monitor Arm Mount Wireless HandShoe Mouse by Hippus
List Price: $1,975.00
Your Price: $1,575.00
You save $400.00
List Price: $423.00
Your Price: $279.95
You save $143.05
List Price: $139.00
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Via Seating 3Dee Active Office Chair Innovative Under-Table Monitor Arm Wireless HandShoe Mouse by Hippus
Symmetry Voyager Vanish Wire Management Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desk 24-271-926 VIA Seating Terra Ergonomic Task Chair
List Price: $194.00
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List Price: $799.00
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List Price: $608.00
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Symmetry Voyager Vanish Wire Management WorkFit-D Adjustable Height Desk VIA Terra Chair

Keyboard Trays

An ergonomic keyboard tray offers a range of benefits for the user. It puts the user's hands, arms and shoulders in the "neutral" reach zone, which is basically a low-risk position to type and mouse in. This means you are more likely to be comfortable and productive and less likely to feel pain and strain and/or develop long-term disabilities from continued computer use. A good keyboard tray will be adjustable in all aspects of its design. This means it will easily adjust in height, tilt, left-to-right position and even which side of the tray the mouse platform is on (for both left and right-handed mouse users). A huge advantage of a platform that is fully adjustable is for computers that share multiple users at different times (in your home, office or anywhere else) each user can quickly and easily adjust the tray into the best position for their stature/body type.

Ergonomic Mouse Devices

The best ergonomic mouse currently available is the HandShoeMouse by Hippus. Its design is the result of very extensive research and development by its creator. It takes all of the things you like about a standard computer mouse and ergonomically enhances the feel. Another popular option is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It has been an all-time best seller and will continue to be as it is consistently tweaked and upgraded every few years to add more features and further increase comfort.

Adjustable Keyboards

Many customers feel that a Goldtouch keyboard is one of the best ergonomic keyboards available, and we happen to agree. Providing superior ergo benefit than most others, a Goldtouch adjustable keyboard will provide years of typing comfort. With their true split key design, they are ideal for people who suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Another very popular product is the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard 4000.

Ergonomic Chairs

Does your back start to hurt after sitting for a long time at the computer? This is a very common complaint. An ergonomic office chair can help alleviate this discomfort and keep your posture where it should be. Investing in the best task chair you can afford will keep the risk of spine disorders to a minimum while giving you the support you need to work longer hours without pain. Browse our hand-picked selection to find the best ergonomic chairs for your body type. We recommend Neutral Posture chairs as they have one of the largest offerings of sizes and options to accommodate any user.

Monitor Arms

You'll also find a hand picked selection of the best monitor arms in our store. Made by some of the best and most well-respected brands like Ergotron and Humanscale, our offering includes the models that are best sellers and top-rated among users. When shopping for an lcd monitor arm be sure to look up the specifications of your computer screen (like exact size and weight) so that you can accurately pair it up with the best arm for your situation. Some models only support one screen but we also offer various mounts for two or more monitors. Our most popular models include the Humanscale M2, Humanscale M8, and Ergotron LX Desk Mount flat panel monitor arms.